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We Save You Time & Money.

Running a political or issue campaign is grueling, expensive and competitive. And there's never enough time or money. We save you money. And we free up your time.

You're In The Campaign Business. Not The Technology Business.

So why focus on building and spending campaign dollars on technology for online and mobile applications when you're not in the technology business? And why pay thousands of dollars to staffers or web consultants when you've got better ways to spend your money.

Make It Easy On Your Campaign.

We believe online and mobile campaigning should be easy and extremely affordable. For every campaign, every candidate, every issue and every proposition. From State Senator to local school board to raising funds and mobilizing action for communities affected by climate change and oil spills, Campaign Live™ gets you in the online and mobile campaign game in ways that were previously not possible or affordable.

We've Done All The Heavy Lifting.

We've tried to think of everything you need to run and distribute an online or mobile campaign. Our vast database of candidates, races, videos, photos, social media links, and campaign features enable you to create 4 online and mobile applications in less than 4 minutes. Seriously. Give it a try.

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You Can't Beat The Price

In less than 4 minutes, you can build 4 applications for Facebook, web sites or blogs, and mobile devices for as low as $199 for one app or $399 for 4 apps. That's less than it will cost you to set up a secure, reliable server to run your online or mobile campaign.

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Get People To Distribute Your Campaign Everywhere.

Campaign Live™'s distributed applications help you quickly:

  • Build your voter and supporter base.
  • Raise money.
  • Mobilize your supporters into taking aciton.
  • Get your message and media distributed across web, social media, and mobile platforms.
  • Save you thousands of dollars in application development, staff and consulting fees.

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Analyze Your Success

When you purchase Campaign Live™ applications, we provide you with a full Analytics Dashboard to track all user engagement with the apps. You can track views, engagements, how many times and where a piece of content was shared. All the "who-what-where-when-how" to understand how your online and mobile campaign is succeeding.

Winning Races

Please contact us via email if you won your race or successfully mobilized your supporters in November. We'll help you convert your Campaign Live™ applications into your elected office and on-going issue campaign applications. We look forward to hearing from you!


We did our best to build the most productive features into the Campaign Live platform and applications. But there's more! We've developed over 100 features for Campaign Live. If you want to customize features or the design of your apps, we're ready to build it. And we can do it quickly. Here's a sampling of features that you can leverage in your customized Campaign Live apps:

Included Features

  • DONATE: a donate button that links directly to your donation page. Or we can integrate with any donation platform or software (e.g. Piryx, PayPal, etc.)
  • VOLUNTEER: Automatically generated volunteer forms or custom forms for recruiting volunteers and communicating with them.
  • FACEBOOK & TWITTER: integrate Facebook and Twitter directly into your applications.
  • NEWS FEEDS: directly feed news about your campaign and candidate from multiple sources around the web. Or single feeds directly from your campaign web site.
  • FLICKR / PHOTO FEEDS: integrate photos from Flickr or any other photo source.
  • MEET THE CANDIDATE: integrate bio and summary information about your candidate.
  • YOU TUBE + SOURCE VIDEO FEEDS: directly feed videos about your campaign and candidate from YouTube or any other dedicated video source.
  • SHARE & EMAIL: immediately share any piece of content, donation request, news story, photo, or video via email, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • CONNECT VIA SOCIAL MEDIA: integrate Facebook and Twitter directly into the application so users can see how many people "like" your campaign or what you're tweeting in real-time.
  • GRAB WIDGET: integrated Grab widget code for inspiring web sites and bloggers to easily add your campaign widget application to their site.

Custom Features

  • TEXT MESSAGING MODULE: text-to-donate and text-to-broadcast integration. Use this module to communicate with volunteers, voters, and the media via text. [SEE DEMO]
  • EMAIL MANAGEMENT: integrate your current email and mailing lists into the applications.
  • VOTE: vote on polls, ideas, issues or anything you can imagine.
  • POLLS: run polls and get users voting on any subject or issue. And we'll track and feedback the results.
  • PETITIONS: integrate trackable petitions to drive change.
  • EVENTS: showcase and drive geo-targeted and upcoming events inside the application.
  • MAPS: integrate customized Google Maps to map-out your campaign offices, volunteer and voting sites. And it's all geo and zip code targeted.
  • DYNAMIC CONTEXTUAL CONTENT: Campaign Live can deliver dynamic content and feeds into your web and blog applications that are contextual to the web site or blog content a user lands on.
  • CUSTOMIZE APP DASHBOARD: a user friendly dashboard that enables you to quickly change the order of features, edit news, video and photo feeds, filter content by key words, and more.
  • CUSTOM CONTENT: integrate custom content into apps like "where a candidate stands on specific issues" or any other content your campaign produces.
  • CUSTOM THEMES: change the look-and-feel and user interface design for any application.
  • FLASH: open up your application and campaign with a cool animation or flash video.

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Building a web site, and using Twitter and YouTube are only the first steps towards running your digital campaign. You need to be everywhere. It’s important that your supporters, voters, constituents and staffers can support you on Facebook pages, on any web site or blog, or on mobile devices like the iPhone. They can help you find new supporters and raise money where they're already spending time.

There are two stages to using Campaign Live™ applications:

Step 1: Build the Campaign Live™ applications and get them up and running on your iPhone, Blackberry, Facebook pages, websites and blogs.

Step 2: Distribute Campaign Live™ applications to your existing supporters and in places where they will reach your target constituents. This is the most important step in getting these tools to work for you. We'll go through how it works for each of our online and mobile applications. Click on the links below to find out more about how to install, use, and distribute each of the Campaign Live™ applications:

(If you haven't yet previewed or purchased the application, check out PREVIEWS on the Campaign Live™ home page.)

Facebook apps
Mobile apps / iPhone
Web and blog widget / online ad

Questions? Comments?

We are always looking to improve Campaign Live and we welcome your feedback. To get in touch with us, e-mail or find us on: